Learn how to make the most of mindclass

mindclass, the e-learning application developed by htss, adopts integration with Human Resources Management

E-learning process management systems, such as mindclass, are software applications that can be used for online …

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Which SCORM courses can I find on mindclass?

Standards are important in any field. Before the 1950s, courses were created for a specific platform. …

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What are the advantages of mindclass integration within Microsoft Power BI?

Data is the most vital element of any business, and e-learning platforms like mindclass are generating …

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Petru Teodorescu, for ZiarulFinanciar.ro: Education, lifestyle, and wellness. An e-learning platform uses interactive videos to provide courses to employees

On the mindclass platform, private companies are asking for video courses with AI (artificial intelligence) integration, …

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Cloud based

Cloud-based eLearning Platforms – Advantages

We use the term "cloud-based eLearning platforms" to describe a wide range of online educational products …

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The role of “Gamification” in enhancing the learning experiences

There are four elements that should be incorporated into the design of learning experiences. These have …

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an online course platform that brings commitment to learning at any age

mindclass – an online course platform that brings commitment to learning at any age

Developed by Romanian company htss, mindclass is an online course platform that transforms the learning process …

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Microsoft Teams integration

mindclass adopts Microsoft Teams integration

mindclass is the e-learning application developed by htss that helps organisations with the delivery of interactive …

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Gamification, the concept that revolutionizes the workplace training | How mindclass can increase a company’s employee engagement.

The strategy of integrating gamification into the workplace is becoming increasingly popular in the world of …

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