How do you change the training and development process of healthcare and pharma specialists through video courses?

Over the past decade, video materials and courses have become an essential part of how employees in hospitals, clinics, medical universities, pharmacies and other offices in the healthcare industry teach, train and communicate. It’s easy to see why.

In a field that rivals any other for terminology, the medical field faces a constant need for updated information. Even in the best of circumstances, medical professionals are likely to misunderstand documents or text-only case studies. These difficulties only increase as doctors, nurses, administrative staff and others are pressured to share knowledge ever more rapidly and to do so with audiences who do not speak their native language.

AI video courses for the medical field

You may be wondering how video courses can be used for training and communication in Healthcare.
Well, eLearning through video courses helps doctors and medical staff to keep up to date with the latest information, methods and practices in the most interactive way. More than 66% of doctors use online tutorials and video courses to keep up to date with the latest information. mindclass offers a wide range of eLearning options, case simulations, video training courses that are automatically found in a centralized library. The result is a continuous individual training program for healthcare experts.

Library offering video courses for the medical and pharma field

mindclass is the eLearning platform developed by htss, which integrates best-in-class recording and webcasting with a secure video library. You have at your disposal a wide range of high-quality video courses automatically uploaded and converted for optimal viewing on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

And as the library of video courses grows, mindclass offers a unique search engine that makes finding information in video courses as easy as searching for content in emails and documents. Simply enter a phrase like “bloodborne pathogens” into mindclass’s search engine for video courses and you’ll find every relevant video in the collection.


The mindclass eLearning platform provides an agile training solution that meets the demands of the healthcare industry. From initial product training to in-depth medical training, video course learning has proven to be an effective format that appeals to all types of learners in all types of professional roles. Choose mindclass services, direct from!