mindclass – an online course platform that brings commitment to learning at any age

Developed by Romanian company htss, mindclass is an online course platform that transforms the learning process with interactive content and increased engagement. The platform facilitates online learning through quality content and the ability to give each participant the opportunity to go through interactive courses and assimilate knowledge at their own pace, benefiting from the efficiency of learning and testing activities.

Standard academic content (SCORM), but also other types of materials

mindclass is an online learning solution, with access to materials uploaded by the company or the educational institution, as well as a large library of other types of materials in different electronic formats: video and audio files, interactive courses, and even educational games, to make the learning process as engaging as possible.

Moreover, mindclass experts can create interactive courses according to the client’s needs and objectives. A plus of the mindclass eLearning platform is the possibility to create eLearning + eTutoring packages on demand. Not to be overlooked in the differentiators is also the presence of engaging educational video content created using artificial intelligence (AI).

Ready to go within minutes of installation

Our online course platform offers the option of on-premises or online installation and is ready to go within just minutes of installation. Thus, accounts for university students or company employees can be created manually, quickly, and intuitively, or, in the case of companies, they can be generated automatically by importing the necessary information from the management software used by them.

A skills system

In addition to the e-learning function, mindclass offers the possibility to manage a competency system by creating quizzes that will assess the knowledge acquired by the members of the organisation, as well as recommending other relevant courses according to the skills, knowledge level, and learning pace of each user. In addition, the platform allows assessment through tests and the issuing of certificates, attestations, or even diplomas with digital signatures.

You can test for free the capabilities of the mindclass platform

It’s easy to find out how our online learning platform can help you. You can create a demo account on the htss platform, which will allow you to test the mindclass performance. You will certainly appreciate the value for money and the functionalities, especially the competency system that promotes performance targeting. You will be able to plan, together with htss specialists, the configuration of the e-learning platform’s content structure and benefit from advice, services, development, and implementation according to your organisation’s needs.

Discover now the benefits of mindclass and contact us to learn how we can help you on this journey.