Cloud-based eLearning Platforms – Advantages

We use the term “cloud-based eLearning platforms” to describe a wide range of online educational products and applications. While e-learning removes the barriers to traditional education and offers trainers a new perspective for growth, issues such as implementation and maintenance often make it difficult to adopt them in large numbers.

Moreover, academic content needs to go hand in hand with the fast flow of information while increasingly moving away from the traditional aspect. Most cloud-based eLearning platforms lack the ability to do this dynamically, and because of this, frequent system upgrades, integrations and installations come at a high cost. mindclass, the app created by parent company htss, solves these problematic situations, providing users with a modern, intuitive learning environment focused on their specific needs.

mindclass is an e-learning platform created specifically for companies that have in their organisational culture the personal and professional development of their employees.

Five benefits of using cloud-based eLearning platforms

mindclass is part of the range of cloud-based eLearning platforms and is a platform that significantly simplifies the learning process for users, offering the possibility to create accounts for team members in just a few minutes, with the option to import the necessary information directly from the management software that users already use within their company.

1.A simple setup and maintenance process

Cloud-based eLearning platforms are easy to set up and maintain. One such platform replaces an entire team of IT specialists that used to be dedicated to installing, managing, and updating software. With cloud-based learning management systems, the provider can easily and remotely manage the platform, and generate new functionality and updates, integrations, and customizations according to customer requirements at any time.

2.Lower costs with cloud-based eLearning platforms

Cloud-based eLearning platforms do not require the installation of complex software, eliminating the need for a large investment. They are very cost-effective options, especially for small and medium-sized organisations, but can be tailored to the needs of each type of business.

3.Scalable to business needs

Whether it’s a large organisation or a growing startup, investing in cloud-based eLearning platforms, such as mindclass, can be a very good decision with visible long-term results. These types of platforms are easy to scale and can accommodate a growing number of learners. htss can help you in this process, to cope with the growing demand without the hassle of purchasing and installing additional software.

4.Centralized access anytime, anywhere

Whether you are a learner, manager, or developer, you can access cloud-based eLearning platforms whenever you want, all you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, your login ID and password and everything is set to start your learning session. Such flexibility is extremely important and motivates learners to improve their skills and return to the platform. Having developed skills means increased productivity, which benefits both employees and the organisation.

5.Collaborative learning

Cloud-based eLearning platforms are a perfect solution for a company where employees work simultaneously from multiple locations. They can easily and remotely access cloud-based learning programs that centralise information, ensuring consistency, playback, and assessment of content regardless of geography.

Test your employees’ knowledge and provide them with an interactive and visual development framework with mindclass, the eLearning platform developed by htss.

Request a demo of cloud-based eLearning platforms directly from the website and discover the advantages of an integrated and interactive system that motivates users to reach the highest level of development.