Why does your company need customized courses available in an e-learning platform?

Every organization is unique, as are its employees and customers. Customized online learning programs, available on an e-learning platform, focus on training employees in ways that engage them and help them retain information faster. An e-learning platform that offers customized programs, through the training it provides to employees, brings a multitude of benefits to the company. For example, customer service training adds value to the organization by improving employees’ abilities to better handle customer requests, and this leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Ways an e-learning platform for online learning increases employee engagement

Often, an e-learning platform uses a blended learning approach, combined with different training methods and media to maximize efficiency. mindclass, the e-learning platform developed by htss, provides you with courses tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. Thus, starting from a simple text or PowerPoint presentation, using the latest e-learning technologies, mindclass specialists can generate video content integrated with artificial intelligence, 360 environments made with real location photos and gamification elements, interactive 3D representations with virtual reality elements, or any kind of customized project discussed in advance with the clients.

Moreover, the customized courses on the mindclass e-learning platform will help you identify what specific skills employees need to learn to be successful. We list just a few of the 600+ available course categories:

  • Communication
  • Personal and professional development
  • Finance
  • English
  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Conflict resolution skills, etc.

The customized training programs, on the e-learning platform developed by htss, include specific skills that are essential for any type of business and employees, so that they can capitalize and transform their newly acquired knowledge into outstanding results in the future. 

Why does personalized training improve employee performance?

Through online learning and customized courses on the mindclass e-learning platform, the company ensures that employees have developed the skills needed for specific roles in a friendly, intuitive, engaging and motivating way. 

When each employee has the right skills and a well-developed training process, their efficiency and productivity improves significantly. As employees take training courses on an e-learning platform, they improve the skills they already have and acquire new ones, and each of the new information they assimilate will contribute to increased performance and motivation, which can be measured by key indicators such as:

  • Speed of problem solving
  • Enrolment in new courses
  • Time spent on the e-learning platform.

Regardless of your industry, on the e-learning platform developed by htss, you will find e-learning courses suitable for the specific requirements of any type of business. Helping employees grow with the organisation. Contact us!