Which SCORM courses can I find on mindclass?

Standards are important in any field. Before the 1950s, courses were created for a specific platform. An e-learning course created for a particular system would not work in another type of system. If a university changed its e-learning system, it lost its entire collection of courses and the investment in their development. In 2001, the SCORM format emerged to solve this problem.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model”. It is an international standard for digital courses. If they are published in SCORM format, you can be sure that almost any learning management system (LMS) will recognise it.

In fact, SCORM is a list of technical requirements. This list shows how to make a course that works on any platform. In this there is a detailed description of the course structure and principles of interaction with LMSs.

SCORM courses available on mindclass

mindclass currently provides clients with a library of over 600 courses in SCORM format, covering a wide range of areas in both business and academia, such as Communication, Personal and Professional Development, Finance, English Language, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, Digital Transformation, Sales and Negotiation.

For private companies, the most popular are SCORM video courses with Artificial Intelligence integrations, which create content from photographs of real locations and provide virtual, 3D experiences that familiarise employees with various production or laboratory equipment. There is also a growing interest in Compliance (SSM – labour protection), Excel or soft skills courses, which train communication tactics, feedback techniques, teamwork and employee wellbeing.

There is an openness on the part of universities to innovate and transform traditional courses into SCORM video versions for added interactivity and agility.

Great diversity and flexibility thanks to SCORM online courses

In mindclass, training takes place in a 360-degree process, all in an automated and personalized setting, giving users a far superior learning experience.

mindclass also provides users with a catalog of socio-demographically personalized avatars that verbalize SCORM courses in over 30 official languages, including English, as well as in country-specific dialects. Furthermore, users can customize their avatar according to their own needs, making the assistance process flexible and user-friendly. 

All SCORM materials also contain subtitles to accompany the video content. The user can choose the option with subtitles in the selected language and has the possibility to listen to as well as view the information in an integrated learning process.

Whatever the needs of your organization, regardless of if you are a private company or an educational institution, mindclass offers a wide range of over 600 online courses in SCORM format that can be made available to learners at any time. Log on to the site and request a demo to test all the benefits mindclass has to offer!