mindclass adopts Microsoft Teams integration

mindclass is the e-learning application developed by htss that helps organisations with the delivery of interactive content and the management of online learning processes. It provides a portal and library of online courses to business professionals in any industry and students in educational institutions. Furthermore, mindclass allows access to multiple forms or models of learning, including virtual classrooms, assessments, and certifications.

Within the app, users can benefit from social learning and gamification features for interactive and visual knowledge exchange. To transform the user experience and increase the scalability of the platform, mindclass has adopted integration with Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft (MS) Teams is an application designed with the goal of increasing team productivity. Through its chat functionality, MS Teams also offers the possibility to share documents, hold online meetings, create calendars and adopt communication tools in a business-specific environment.

Microsoft has created an ecosystem that allows partner organisations to design and publish applications that complement MS Teams functionality. With more and more teams and professionals using the app for day-to-day work, MS Teams is a viable platform to provide a simple and fast exchange of much-needed documents and information in the daily workflow.

The e-learning process is one such excellent example. Platforms such as mindclass provide users with a seamless flow of resources. By integrating with MS Teams, the e-learning process can be brought closer to the learner’s attention and can be easily accessed. Most importantly, learner access to content is via the mobile app or browser, which has led to MS Teams being rapidly and widely adopted in organisations and academic institutions around the world.

What does integration with MS Teams imply?

Every functionality of mindclass, whether we’re talking about a content catalog, a video library, assessments, and surveys, will be accessible directly from the MS Teams interface. The integration with MS Teams provides a file-based interface that allows the presentation of application data within the classes directly from MS Teams. Learners can receive chat notifications or reminders for the completion of initiated courses.

With a simple login, learners can connect to the mindclass platform and, by default, access courses, and other learning resources easily and quickly thanks to the intuitive interface. In addition, learners can search for courses specific to their area of interest, register, have all forms of learning content available to them, and gradually view their progress.

They can earn points and badges for course completion and could review, comment and share learning resources with their peers.

How does the integration with MS Teams work?

The MS Teams ecosystem will continue to expand with more and more applications, data and information integrated directly into your daily workflow. Through the e-learning process management system, and therefore the Teams integration, mindclass provides users with an ideal mix that enables learning, collaboration and communication in a unified and controlled environment.

The videoconferencing function supports up to 250 participants simultaneously. Team members have access to a pool of shared documents that can be opened directly in the MS Teams interface, downloaded to a PC or retrieved via a shareable link.

mindclass aims to take e-learning to the next level

With this new integration with MS Teams to be launched in September, mindclass brings learning even closer to employees and learners. The implementation process of the platform is simple and intuitive, requiring no additional development.

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