mindclass announces strategic partnership with The e-learning Company and SkillSoft to offer access to more than 700 off-the-shelf courses

Starting this year, we consolidate our commitment to offering a complete e-learning lifecycle for employees and students by announcing our partnership with The e-learning Company, the main provider of online courses for companies in Romania, and SkillSoft, the leading international provider of digital learning resources.​

The objective of this partnership is to provide over 700 courses for private and university environments to achieve their best results through consistent learning and development.

“The Romanian education system is facing an acute human resources crisis. According to public data, more than 50% of teachers could retire in the next 10 years. More than 4,000 teachers are unqualified and 1,000 of them have no higher education. Obviously, the best teachers are concentrated around the big university centers. With the help of gamification and Artificial Intelligence, an e-learning platform can ensure not only an interactive way of teaching but also the same high quality of education, regardless of where the learners are. The same is true for businesses, with small companies being able to opt for the educational resources used by multinationals. Regardless of the specifics of our clients, we aim to provide access to the best and most diversified e-learning solutions.

In this context, the partnership with The e-Learning Company came naturally, supporting our approach to complete our offer with a catalog of off-the-shelf courses. This enables us to provide users with both our learning management solution, mindclass, developed by htss, our customized content generation services using A.I., as well as a generous package of over 700 courses for private and university environments. All this, using new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, a cloud-based platform, and interactive concepts that have proven their usefulness in education, such as gamification elements of the learning experience”, says Gabriela Carata, Product Manager mindclass.

“The e-Learning Company aims to ‘democratize’ access to the content it has in its portfolio. This means making our library of over 700 courses available on other platforms. After evaluating many options, it was obvious that mindclass was the most suitable option given the platform’s potential for sustainable growth, the fact that the solution developed by htss is optimal to achieve maximum results in combination with our learning resources, and, last but not least, the fact that we share the same business values: focus on providing customized solutions for customers, focus on business ethics and people development in the team”, said Adrian Călin, Managing Partner The e-learning Company.

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