mindclass, the e-learning application developed by htss, adopts integration with Human Resources Management

E-learning process management systems, such as mindclass, are software applications that can be used for online training and education. This is an excellent method for training new employees or teaching online courses in educational institutions. The many features of mindclass have made it a popular choice among both organizations and educational institutions. Integration with software such as Human Resources Management brings even more benefits to the platform.

Easy and accurate data entry into Human Resources Management software

Integrating the two tools means you only have to enter data once, saving you valuable time. All employee information, such as educational background, experience and experience level, is needed for both systems, so it’s better to have everything in one place, working on the same database.

Talent Management

mindclass tracks a learner’s progress and sends regular updates and reports to clients. These progress statistics and records will help Human Resources Management software identify talent in the organization, which will further help organizations assign trainees to the right job profile. Once identified, mindclass allows them to receive additional training or a reward, depending on previously established internal policies.

Easier induction and integration process

When a new person is hired, the HR department needs to carry out the onboarding process. The new version of mindclass makes the employee training process easier, thanks to integration with Human Resources Management applications. With mindclass, the new employee can be trained immediately, which makes the whole process easier and more diverse in terms of teaching methods.

Effective online training

The online training process that general e-learning software offers helps to train employees. In addition, mindclass provides an up-to-date analysis of an employee’s data to deliver personalized results, based on which a full record of their progress can be obtained. Thanks to the integration with Human Resources Management software, in the same platform you will also automatically find job descriptions, past and present performance and learning progress.

Analyses and models

With mindclass integration with Human Resources Management systems, you can use data and progress reports, generated from the platform developed by htss, to analyze company patterns and trends such as training, staff turnover, promotions due to training, views on training programs and employee satisfaction etc. This will further help managers to make informed and conscious decisions to improve working conditions, employee motivation and process efficiency, with the ultimate goal of reducing staff turnover. All this will contribute to the overall work productivity within the organization.

Reducing costs

mindclass adapts and operates based on your company’s specific needs. Thanks to the integration with Human Resources Management, both users and managers get an interactive experience that is superior to other similar applications. Costs are optimized and service quality is improved.

mindclass and Human Resources Management

The integration of mindclass with Human Resources Management is very advantageous for companies. It will save time, which also means cost management and increased productivity.

It is important to offer employees the opportunity to benefit from training if you want them to better manage their daily tasks. Tracking progress and performance in Human Resources Management applications is also important to make any changes in your company’s training process for better results. Request a demo right now to test out the e-learning app, mindclass!