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mindclass is not just an e-learning platform, it’s a complete e-learning lifecycle.
an intuitive and easy-to-use learning platform designed to support millions of users and learners.
more than 22,000 users rely on our agile learning platform and we’re still counting

mindclass is a software product developed by HTSS. With each solution we offer we aim to automate and therefore streamline the work processes of our partners. Approximately 400 company professionals work to successfully meet the business needs of over 1000 customers in 15 countries. For 10 years, we have operated around three core attributes

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Our expertise

Based on cloud hosting with Microsoft 365 and Teams integration, and built with Moodle technology, mindclass’ focus is to provide customers with a superior learning solution.  

Developed by the parent company, htss, mindclass is made specifically for all types of business and activities. 

mindclass was founded with the ambition to create an intuitive and easy-to-use learning platform designed to support millions of users and learners.

excellent feedback from our clients

We’ve made a CX performance excellence study in collaboration with staffino, because we know how important our customers’ feedback and the powerful insights are for the growth of the company

mindclass has achieved great NPS results, where almost two-thirds of end users would recommend the app and almost 80% of our end users are satisfied with the application and consider it to be easy to use. 

Requested feedback achieved better loyalty (NPS +22 points), app satisfaction (+6 p.p.), easy usage (+9 p.p.), and business goals (+6 p.p.) compared to spontaneous feedback 

The customer’s voice drives our business.


An integrated platform, with all the Moodle functionalities, in line with the ultimate technology trends |  Cloud-based & real-time releases. | Microsoft 365 and Teams integration.


Video courses integrated with AI. | SCORM courses and flexibility on customized courses depending on our client’s needs.   


empowering the way we work, learn, and grow | generating value | accelerating growth by offering an excellent learning path with us

We offer the best IT&C solutions with the help of our partners

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The quality of our services starts with the way we think and work every day. The consistency of our principles and actions is proven by the certifications we hold.

Why trust us: