Why does your company need customized courses available in an e-learning platform?

Every organization is unique, as are its employees and customers. Customized online learning programs, available on an e-learning platform, focus on training employees in ways that engage them and help them retain information faster. An e-learning platform that offers customized programs, through the training it provides to employees, brings a multitude of benefits to the company. For example, customer service training adds value to the organization by improving employees’ abilities to better handle customer requests, and this leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Ways an e-learning platform for online learning increases employee engagement

Often, an e-learning platform uses a blended learning approach, combined with different training methods and media to maximize efficiency. mindclass, the e-learning platform developed by htss, provides you with courses tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. Thus, starting from a simple text or PowerPoint presentation, using the latest e-learning technologies, mindclass specialists can generate video content integrated with artificial intelligence, 360 environments made with real location photos and gamification elements, interactive 3D representations with virtual reality elements, or any kind of customized project discussed in advance with the clients.

Moreover, the customized courses on the mindclass e-learning platform will help you identify what specific skills employees need to learn to be successful. We list just a few of the 600+ available course categories:

  • Communication
  • Personal and professional development
  • Finance
  • English
  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Conflict resolution skills, etc.

The customized training programs, on the e-learning platform developed by htss, include specific skills that are essential for any type of business and employees, so that they can capitalize and transform their newly acquired knowledge into outstanding results in the future. 

Why does personalized training improve employee performance?

Through online learning and customized courses on the mindclass e-learning platform, the company ensures that employees have developed the skills needed for specific roles in a friendly, intuitive, engaging and motivating way. 

When each employee has the right skills and a well-developed training process, their efficiency and productivity improves significantly. As employees take training courses on an e-learning platform, they improve the skills they already have and acquire new ones, and each of the new information they assimilate will contribute to increased performance and motivation, which can be measured by key indicators such as:

  • Speed of problem solving
  • Enrolment in new courses
  • Time spent on the e-learning platform.

Regardless of your industry, on the e-learning platform developed by htss, you will find e-learning courses suitable for the specific requirements of any type of business. Helping employees grow with the organisation. Contact us!

The benefits of having multilingual content within an e-learning platform

For organizations that have multiple branches and are interested in offering a standardized training package to their employees, it is essential to consider creating content in multiple languages for the e-learning platform. There are a lot of benefits related to this, and in this article, we will detail some of them. 

What does multilingual content available in an e-learning platform entail?

Multilingual e-learning content can be created by translating words into another language. By definition, multilingual content is the process of adapting materials to meet the cultural and academic needs of different learners accessing the e-learning platform from different regions of the world. Apart from translating words, it is essential to take into account other factors such as business objectives, certain laws, writing rules, etc. In countries such as France, Russia, Germany, for example, it is mandatory that any educational content on an e-learning platform is in the language of that country. For material in Arabic or Mandarin, the e-learning platform requires special developments to allow for special characters.
Below you will find some of the benefits of creating content in multiple languages for an e-learning platform.

Connecting employees better

Unquestionably, the essence of creating content for an e-learning platform for employees is to improve their productivity and performance at work, regardless of industry or location.
By offering your global audiences online training in their language and cultural environment, you are sure to achieve your goal.

A greater reach

By converting content for your e-learning platform into more languages, you are guaranteed to be able to reach more people from anywhere in the world. And in the long run, this means your organization will gain greater visibility and have a competitive advantage over other organizations that only focus on one language.

Improved work engagement for the whole company

Another benefit to an e-learning platform that offers material in multiple languages is that it helps organisations get active engagement in the process, from employees around the world. The better they understand what they have to do, in their native language, the higher the motivation and efficiency.

Compliance with certain laws

In case you didn’t know, there are some countries where content must be translated as part of the law of that territory. Assuming you need to reach employees in such regions, you need to create the content available on the e-learning platform in the specific language. The benefit is to be able to reach the desired audience, and at the same time comply with legal rules.

mindclass, the e-learning platform developed by htss currently has over 22,000 users, from over ten countries, who can access educational content anytime and anywhere. Request a free demo and our specialists will help you make your company more efficient and effective as an integrated part of your e-learning process!

How do you evaluate employee performance with mindclass, an e-learning platform?

Online training is an essential part of any organization as it allows you to surpass the competition and retain talent. As an employer, you always want to know if the investments you make are delivering the results you expect. So how do you check if the e-learning platform you choose is the right one for evaluating your employees?

Establish a list of organizational objectives

Before monitoring employee performance, you need to develop a specific set of criteria on which to focus your efforts. Namely, you need to identify the business goals that your chosen e-learning platform will help you achieve. This involves an analysis of your training needs, so that you can request customised functionality for the e-learning platform you are about to choose.

Easily track individual employee performance directly in the e-learning platform

The best way to know if online training on an e-learning platform such as mindclass, developed by htss, is working is to evaluate the individual employee’s journey. Instead of traditional paper-based courses and tests, the mindclass e-learning platform provides a detailed analysis. What’s more, you have the ability to view insightfully presented reports and data to make the analysis process faster and easier. You can identify gaps that need to be filled to improve ROI and further personalize the learning process.

Here are some individual performance indicators that the mindclass e-learning platform provides you with:

  • Monitor employee performance during simulations and other activities directly in the e-learning platform
  • Record actual completion times against estimated activity deadlines
  • Analysis of individual performance gaps and competencies
  • How employees rank themselves against their peers to identify top performers, as well as to intervene for those experiencing difficulties in the training process.

Outcomes, certifications, reports directly in the e-learning platform

Employee assessment is another way to track employee progress and productivity. There are a wide range of testing options that organizations can use. The first is testing and identification sessions, which determine how much employees know. Qualitative testing, on the other hand, measures how well they understand the subject and whether they are able to apply the knowledge to the workplace.

The mindclass e-learning platform has a variety of tests, certifications and other assessment methods built in. Throughout the learning process, both the learner and the employer can track progress and make adjustments according to the pace of learning, time allocated and more.

Developing a customized reporting program

The mindclass e-learning platform allows you to choose which reports you want to see and how they can be viewed. For example, you can set up a weekly report that is automatically sent from the platform directly to your email. You can also go one step further and create a weekly or monthly checklist of the most important key indicators.

Transform the way your employees improve by learning. Request a mindclass demo and benefit from online training, monitoring and evaluation at the highest standards directly from the platform!

How do you create engaging and personalized courses on an online learning platform?

Adopting e-learning strategies across multiple devices ensures that more benefits are delivered for both companies and learners. Organizations that deliver training and development solutions through an online learning platform enjoy increased productivity and efficiency.

From mindclass, the online learning platform, you can access different courses whenever you need to, without having to travel. Study content is easy to access from any device. The agility of this online learning platform comes in response to the recent needs of companies and employees:

  • The desire to access the online learning platform whenever needed
  • Evolving employee requirements for maximum convenience and flexibility
  • The concern of companies for continuous employee training
  • The use of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones for online learning
  • The need for interconnectivity, especially for companies with employees from different backgrounds.

Personalized courses

mindclass, the online learning platform developed by htss, offers different ways of customizing courses that a company can use. The first method consists of online learning tracks that allow employees to choose the most relevant online training activities. Through mindclass a company can choose from over 600 courses already available what to make available to employees.

The second method is online training agreements that empower employees and give them the possibility to take charge of their own learning path. The online learning platform helps team members achieve their learning goals and track their progress.

The e-learning platform can also monitor performance gaps and make assessments when necessary. The metrics present in the mindclass learning platform allow you to accurately identify areas for improvement and customize your training strategy.

Responsive design integrated into the online learning platform

In addition to content created with the audience in mind, responsive design is proving to be a necessary functionality for an agile learning platform. This way, instead of making varied designs for different devices, the user enjoys the same experience no matter where they access it from.

The technology has advanced so much that in mindclass, learners can find quizzes, grid tests, audio-video materials, even texts that adapt depending on the device used, without losing the attractiveness or quality of the content to be covered.

mindclass – interactive and evolving online learning platform for learners

Personalized online learning is considered an optimal choice for organizations, trainers and learners. It helps meet the learning needs of a diverse audience through an experience that is both fun and effective from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Modern learners not only want to access personalized courses on the online learning platform, but also expect to complete them on their own schedule, without time or location constraints.

Therefore, choosing such an online learning strategy leads to improved performance, allowing learners to acquire the necessary knowledge more easily. Request a demo for your online learning platform and mindclass consultants will help you provide your employees with the most engaging online learning courses and methods!