mindclass, the e-learning application developed by htss, adopts integration with Human Resources Management

E-learning process management systems, such as mindclass, are software applications that can be used for online training and education. This is an excellent method for training new employees or teaching online courses in educational institutions. The many features of mindclass have made it a popular choice among both organizations and educational institutions. Integration with software such as Human Resources Management brings even more benefits to the platform.

Easy and accurate data entry into Human Resources Management software

Integrating the two tools means you only have to enter data once, saving you valuable time. All employee information, such as educational background, experience and experience level, is needed for both systems, so it’s better to have everything in one place, working on the same database.

Talent Management

mindclass tracks a learner’s progress and sends regular updates and reports to clients. These progress statistics and records will help Human Resources Management software identify talent in the organization, which will further help organizations assign trainees to the right job profile. Once identified, mindclass allows them to receive additional training or a reward, depending on previously established internal policies.

Easier induction and integration process

When a new person is hired, the HR department needs to carry out the onboarding process. The new version of mindclass makes the employee training process easier, thanks to integration with Human Resources Management applications. With mindclass, the new employee can be trained immediately, which makes the whole process easier and more diverse in terms of teaching methods.

Effective online training

The online training process that general e-learning software offers helps to train employees. In addition, mindclass provides an up-to-date analysis of an employee’s data to deliver personalized results, based on which a full record of their progress can be obtained. Thanks to the integration with Human Resources Management software, in the same platform you will also automatically find job descriptions, past and present performance and learning progress.

Analyses and models

With mindclass integration with Human Resources Management systems, you can use data and progress reports, generated from the platform developed by htss, to analyze company patterns and trends such as training, staff turnover, promotions due to training, views on training programs and employee satisfaction etc. This will further help managers to make informed and conscious decisions to improve working conditions, employee motivation and process efficiency, with the ultimate goal of reducing staff turnover. All this will contribute to the overall work productivity within the organization.

Reducing costs

mindclass adapts and operates based on your company’s specific needs. Thanks to the integration with Human Resources Management, both users and managers get an interactive experience that is superior to other similar applications. Costs are optimized and service quality is improved.

mindclass and Human Resources Management

The integration of mindclass with Human Resources Management is very advantageous for companies. It will save time, which also means cost management and increased productivity.

It is important to offer employees the opportunity to benefit from training if you want them to better manage their daily tasks. Tracking progress and performance in Human Resources Management applications is also important to make any changes in your company’s training process for better results. Request a demo right now to test out the e-learning app, mindclass!

Which SCORM courses can I find on mindclass?

Standards are important in any field. Before the 1950s, courses were created for a specific platform. An e-learning course created for a particular system would not work in another type of system. If a university changed its e-learning system, it lost its entire collection of courses and the investment in their development. In 2001, the SCORM format emerged to solve this problem.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model”. It is an international standard for digital courses. If they are published in SCORM format, you can be sure that almost any learning management system (LMS) will recognise it.

In fact, SCORM is a list of technical requirements. This list shows how to make a course that works on any platform. In this there is a detailed description of the course structure and principles of interaction with LMSs.

SCORM courses available on mindclass

mindclass currently provides clients with a library of over 600 courses in SCORM format, covering a wide range of areas in both business and academia, such as Communication, Personal and Professional Development, Finance, English Language, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, Digital Transformation, Sales and Negotiation.

For private companies, the most popular are SCORM video courses with Artificial Intelligence integrations, which create content from photographs of real locations and provide virtual, 3D experiences that familiarise employees with various production or laboratory equipment. There is also a growing interest in Compliance (SSM – labour protection), Excel or soft skills courses, which train communication tactics, feedback techniques, teamwork and employee wellbeing.

There is an openness on the part of universities to innovate and transform traditional courses into SCORM video versions for added interactivity and agility.

Great diversity and flexibility thanks to SCORM online courses

In mindclass, training takes place in a 360-degree process, all in an automated and personalized setting, giving users a far superior learning experience.

mindclass also provides users with a catalog of socio-demographically personalized avatars that verbalize SCORM courses in over 30 official languages, including English, as well as in country-specific dialects. Furthermore, users can customize their avatar according to their own needs, making the assistance process flexible and user-friendly. 

All SCORM materials also contain subtitles to accompany the video content. The user can choose the option with subtitles in the selected language and has the possibility to listen to as well as view the information in an integrated learning process.

Whatever the needs of your organization, regardless of if you are a private company or an educational institution, mindclass offers a wide range of over 600 online courses in SCORM format that can be made available to learners at any time. Log on to the site and request a demo to test all the benefits mindclass has to offer!

What are the advantages of mindclass integration within Microsoft Power BI?

Data is the most vital element of any business, and e-learning platforms like mindclass are generating more data than ever before. Accumulating piles of information doesn’t do much if organizations aren’t able to make it meaningful. That’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is the collective name for a segment of cloud-based applications and services that help organizations gather, manage and analyze data from various sources through an easy-to-use interface. Business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI can be used for a variety of purposes.

Firstly, Microsoft Power BI gathers data and processes it, turning it into actionable insights, often using visually compelling and easy-to-process charts and graphs. This allows users to generate and share precise and useful analyses of what’s happening in their business.

Microsoft Power BI connects to a wide range of data sources, from Excel spreadsheets to cloud databases and applications. Power BI is an umbrella term and can refer to either a Windows desktop app called Power BI Desktop, an online Software as a Service (SaaS) called Power BI Service, or Power BI mobile apps available on Windows phones and tablets as well as iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Power BI is built on top of Microsoft Excel, and as such, the learning curve from Excel to Power BI is not so steep; anyone who can use Excel can also use Microsoft Power BI.

What does Microsoft Power BI do for mindclass?

Microsoft Power BI is used in the mindclass platform to run reports and output statistics based on company data. Microsoft Power BI connects to mindclass and sorts the information provided to it so that it can be more easily interpreted and understood. Reports and visual representations generated using this data can then be shared with other users.

Microsoft Power BI helps users see what has happened in the past, as well as in the present, and anticipate certain situations in the future. Microsoft Power BI is powered with machine learning capabilities, which means it can identify patterns and use them to make informed predictions in order to run “what if” scenarios. These predictions allow users to generate reports and prepare for future demands.

Here are some of the main benefits of using Power BI:

  • Companies can introduce huge amounts of data into Microsoft Power BI
  • Built-in machine learning features can analyze data and help users identify valuable trends
  • Information can be visualized with explanatory templates to help businesses better understand their data
  • Microsoft Power BI is cloud-based, so users benefit from the latest artificial intelligence capabilities and powerful algorithms that are updated regularly
  • Powerful customization capabilities enable the creation of specific dashboards
  • Alerts can be set up on KPIs to keep users up to date on important indicators and metrics
  • Microsoft Power BI has an intuitive interface that can be easier to use and navigate than complex spreadsheets
  • The platform integrates with other popular business management tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, as well as other products such as mindclass, Google Analytics, SAP, Salesforce and MailChimp
  • Microsoft Power BI ensures data security by providing both internal and external aggregated accessibility controls.

Benefit now from best-in-class integrations with the mindclass platform developed by htss and transform your employee training and assessment process. With Microsoft Power BI, data is easier to access, understand, process and share. Learn more here from htss business consultants!

Petru Teodorescu, for ZiarulFinanciar.ro: Education, lifestyle, and wellness. An e-learning platform uses interactive videos to provide courses to employees

On the mindclass platform, private companies are asking for video courses with AI (artificial intelligence) integration, 360-degree environment made through photos of real units and virtual 3D experiences where employees get familiar with various production or lab equipment.

The academic environment is interested in transforming classic courses into a video version, one that is more interactive for learners.

The mindclass e-learning platform uses interactive videos to provide courses to employees. mindclass targets both companies and universities, generating educational video content using artificial intelligence.

Petru Teodorescu, Software BD Director at htss

“mindclass provides customers with a library of more than 600 courses in SCORM format covering a wide range of areas in both business and academia, such as Communication, Personal and Professional Development, Finance, English, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, Digital Transformation, Sales and Negotiations,” says Petru Teodorescu, Software BD Director at htss, the company that developed the platform.

The e-learning platform is useful for employees working in areas where they need to regularly attend specific courses, need to obtain certain accreditations within the company or from specific accreditation institutions, such as pharmacists, notaries, and teachers, but also for employees who need to periodically prove their employees’ training in HSE or PSI. For private companies, the most popular are video courses with AI (artificial intelligence) integration, 360 environment courses using photographs of real facilities and virtual 3D experiences where employees get familiar with various production or laboratory equipment.

“There is also an increased interest in compliance (SSM – work protection), Excel or soft skills courses that train employees’ communication, feedback, teamwork and wellbeing tactics. There is an openness on the part of universities to transform the classic courses into a video version, which is more interactive for learners,” says Petru.

Learners are evaluated at the end of the courses and can get grades. Evaluation criteria, grades and certifications are agreed in advance with the company so that each course can be configured individually.

“Assessments are usually done at the end of the chapter and at the end of the course and can even be integrated into the learning flow, including during video materials. Grades and certifications are generated by the platform after analysing the learners’ performance,” says Petru Teodorescu.

Source: ziarulfinanciar.ro

Cloud-based eLearning Platforms – Advantages

We use the term “cloud-based eLearning platforms” to describe a wide range of online educational products and applications. While e-learning removes the barriers to traditional education and offers trainers a new perspective for growth, issues such as implementation and maintenance often make it difficult to adopt them in large numbers.

Moreover, academic content needs to go hand in hand with the fast flow of information while increasingly moving away from the traditional aspect. Most cloud-based eLearning platforms lack the ability to do this dynamically, and because of this, frequent system upgrades, integrations and installations come at a high cost. mindclass, the app created by parent company htss, solves these problematic situations, providing users with a modern, intuitive learning environment focused on their specific needs.

mindclass is an e-learning platform created specifically for companies that have in their organisational culture the personal and professional development of their employees.

Five benefits of using cloud-based eLearning platforms

mindclass is part of the range of cloud-based eLearning platforms and is a platform that significantly simplifies the learning process for users, offering the possibility to create accounts for team members in just a few minutes, with the option to import the necessary information directly from the management software that users already use within their company.

1.A simple setup and maintenance process

Cloud-based eLearning platforms are easy to set up and maintain. One such platform replaces an entire team of IT specialists that used to be dedicated to installing, managing, and updating software. With cloud-based learning management systems, the provider can easily and remotely manage the platform, and generate new functionality and updates, integrations, and customizations according to customer requirements at any time.

2.Lower costs with cloud-based eLearning platforms

Cloud-based eLearning platforms do not require the installation of complex software, eliminating the need for a large investment. They are very cost-effective options, especially for small and medium-sized organisations, but can be tailored to the needs of each type of business.

3.Scalable to business needs

Whether it’s a large organisation or a growing startup, investing in cloud-based eLearning platforms, such as mindclass, can be a very good decision with visible long-term results. These types of platforms are easy to scale and can accommodate a growing number of learners. htss can help you in this process, to cope with the growing demand without the hassle of purchasing and installing additional software.

4.Centralized access anytime, anywhere

Whether you are a learner, manager, or developer, you can access cloud-based eLearning platforms whenever you want, all you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, your login ID and password and everything is set to start your learning session. Such flexibility is extremely important and motivates learners to improve their skills and return to the platform. Having developed skills means increased productivity, which benefits both employees and the organisation.

5.Collaborative learning

Cloud-based eLearning platforms are a perfect solution for a company where employees work simultaneously from multiple locations. They can easily and remotely access cloud-based learning programs that centralise information, ensuring consistency, playback, and assessment of content regardless of geography.

Test your employees’ knowledge and provide them with an interactive and visual development framework with mindclass, the eLearning platform developed by htss.

Request a demo of cloud-based eLearning platforms directly from the website and discover the advantages of an integrated and interactive system that motivates users to reach the highest level of development.

The role of “Gamification” in enhancing the learning experiences

There are four elements that should be incorporated into the design of learning experiences. These have in common that they can be addressed using various gamification methods.

Increasing learner engagement through gamification

Aspects of play and psychology are inherent in successful games. Gamified training modules can capture and maintain user interest by incorporating short, discrete puzzle-solving with a system of rewards and progress counters. By progressing from level to level, learners can unlock newer missions and climb the leaderboards, which in themselves generate additional engagement.

Internship opportunities

As with real work, practicing any given task improves performance. Various neuroscience and education research confirm the positive effects of practice over time. Engaging games keep learning activities at the front end of the learning curve and should present challenges that are demanding but not too difficult. Higher levels of play often combine previously mastered skills with new challenges. Training through gamification comes as a support for repeated practice with differentiated problems, which leads to increased competence and improves the transfer of information.


Continuous assessment should be incorporated into gameplay in the form of performance-based activities. In well-designed courses, assessment is continuous and measured by the player’s actions.


Courses made through gamification should provide instant feedback on how the participant is doing. Positive results should occur once a learner applies the correct action. Conversely, negative consequences will result from incorrect or incomplete action. Providing a continuous state of awareness of the learner’s progress is one of the pillars of adaptive learning, and gamified courses should include this.

Benefits of gamification for eLearning platforms in organizations

The main benefit of gamification within an eLearning platform is to actively engage employees in completing tasks that may or may not be routine, but are so important to the successful operation of the company. Training using gamification elements reinforces the objective as well as the learning required to successfully complete employee tasks. Both learners (employees) and management can benefit from gamification.

Benefits of gamification for employees

  • Higher engagement. Employees who take gamified training courses tend to become more engaged than those who take traditional seminar/class courses. Not only do participants pay more attention to the training, but they also participate more in the activities.
  • Increased motivation. As elements that promote healthy competition, rewards and recognition often encourage participants to perform at their best during training. In addition, participation in gamified company activities facilitates the development of a stronger employee attachment to the company and its goals.
  • Improved communication. Since some gamification activities require cooperation, training can improve communication among colleagues. Ongoing feedback also provides many opportunities for communication with trainers or training colleagues.
  • Programme flexibility. Because gamified training is usually done at the pace and time of the employee’s choosing, there is minor or no need to rearrange the schedule to accommodate employees.

Choose mindclass today and transform the way your company trains its employees.
Get immediate access to e-learning courses (SCORM, H5P, games), video and audio files, interactive courses, gamification methods, and more. Request a demo here.

mindclass – an online course platform that brings commitment to learning at any age

Developed by Romanian company htss, mindclass is an online course platform that transforms the learning process with interactive content and increased engagement. The platform facilitates online learning through quality content and the ability to give each participant the opportunity to go through interactive courses and assimilate knowledge at their own pace, benefiting from the efficiency of learning and testing activities.

Standard academic content (SCORM), but also other types of materials

mindclass is an online learning solution, with access to materials uploaded by the company or the educational institution, as well as a large library of other types of materials in different electronic formats: video and audio files, interactive courses, and even educational games, to make the learning process as engaging as possible.

Moreover, mindclass experts can create interactive courses according to the client’s needs and objectives. A plus of the mindclass eLearning platform is the possibility to create eLearning + eTutoring packages on demand. Not to be overlooked in the differentiators is also the presence of engaging educational video content created using artificial intelligence (AI).

Ready to go within minutes of installation

Our online course platform offers the option of on-premises or online installation and is ready to go within just minutes of installation. Thus, accounts for university students or company employees can be created manually, quickly, and intuitively, or, in the case of companies, they can be generated automatically by importing the necessary information from the management software used by them.

A skills system

In addition to the e-learning function, mindclass offers the possibility to manage a competency system by creating quizzes that will assess the knowledge acquired by the members of the organisation, as well as recommending other relevant courses according to the skills, knowledge level, and learning pace of each user. In addition, the platform allows assessment through tests and the issuing of certificates, attestations, or even diplomas with digital signatures.

You can test for free the capabilities of the mindclass platform

It’s easy to find out how our online learning platform can help you. You can create a demo account on the htss platform, which will allow you to test the mindclass performance. You will certainly appreciate the value for money and the functionalities, especially the competency system that promotes performance targeting. You will be able to plan, together with htss specialists, the configuration of the e-learning platform’s content structure and benefit from advice, services, development, and implementation according to your organisation’s needs.

Discover now the benefits of mindclass and contact us to learn how we can help you on this journey.

mindclass adopts Microsoft Teams integration

mindclass is the e-learning application developed by htss that helps organisations with the delivery of interactive content and the management of online learning processes. It provides a portal and library of online courses to business professionals in any industry and students in educational institutions. Furthermore, mindclass allows access to multiple forms or models of learning, including virtual classrooms, assessments, and certifications.

Within the app, users can benefit from social learning and gamification features for interactive and visual knowledge exchange. To transform the user experience and increase the scalability of the platform, mindclass has adopted integration with Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft (MS) Teams is an application designed with the goal of increasing team productivity. Through its chat functionality, MS Teams also offers the possibility to share documents, hold online meetings, create calendars and adopt communication tools in a business-specific environment.

Microsoft has created an ecosystem that allows partner organisations to design and publish applications that complement MS Teams functionality. With more and more teams and professionals using the app for day-to-day work, MS Teams is a viable platform to provide a simple and fast exchange of much-needed documents and information in the daily workflow.

The e-learning process is one such excellent example. Platforms such as mindclass provide users with a seamless flow of resources. By integrating with MS Teams, the e-learning process can be brought closer to the learner’s attention and can be easily accessed. Most importantly, learner access to content is via the mobile app or browser, which has led to MS Teams being rapidly and widely adopted in organisations and academic institutions around the world.

What does integration with MS Teams imply?

Every functionality of mindclass, whether we’re talking about a content catalog, a video library, assessments, and surveys, will be accessible directly from the MS Teams interface. The integration with MS Teams provides a file-based interface that allows the presentation of application data within the classes directly from MS Teams. Learners can receive chat notifications or reminders for the completion of initiated courses.

With a simple login, learners can connect to the mindclass platform and, by default, access courses, and other learning resources easily and quickly thanks to the intuitive interface. In addition, learners can search for courses specific to their area of interest, register, have all forms of learning content available to them, and gradually view their progress.

They can earn points and badges for course completion and could review, comment and share learning resources with their peers.

How does the integration with MS Teams work?

The MS Teams ecosystem will continue to expand with more and more applications, data and information integrated directly into your daily workflow. Through the e-learning process management system, and therefore the Teams integration, mindclass provides users with an ideal mix that enables learning, collaboration and communication in a unified and controlled environment.

The videoconferencing function supports up to 250 participants simultaneously. Team members have access to a pool of shared documents that can be opened directly in the MS Teams interface, downloaded to a PC or retrieved via a shareable link.

mindclass aims to take e-learning to the next level

With this new integration with MS Teams to be launched in September, mindclass brings learning even closer to employees and learners. The implementation process of the platform is simple and intuitive, requiring no additional development.

Request a demo and learn more about the tangible benefits of an e-learning platform in your company’s employee professional development process directly from one of our digital transformation experts.